Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Surprised with the arrival of a litter of puppies!

A beautiful and sweet pit bull was waiting all by herself in a small one-room apartment, surviving off on cat food. A young woman came over to check out the condition of the apartment where she used to stay with an acquaintance, who was practically starving the poor canine being. The lady claimed that her friend had needed to get rid of the female pit bull as the apartment did not allow pets. She felt instantly in love with the large doggie and took her home. What the kind-hearted lady did not know was that the compassionate dog had a big surprise for everyone at her home. Few days later Cali the recued pit bull gave birth to 5 adorable puppies.
This is Cali, the proud mother to a litter
 of 5 sweet looking puppies.
It was indeed a pleasant surprise as Cali was
given a new home where she gave birth.
"Baked potato with extra sour cream" This is how
the writer described this new arrival.
The arrival of the puppies was welcome immensely
as they were absolutely adorable.
It would be unthinkable if they're born before Cali was rescued.
They might not be able to survive.
It didn't take long for their personalities to shine through.
Kingston the puppy was a tough, playful one.

They love to have their stomachs rubbed.
Nap time all the time!
It won't take long to find homes for them.

So sweet, little fellas!

This one is absolutely stunning! So lovely!

Cali remained the proud Doggie Mom!
ViralNova pictures shared.
Alan CY Kok


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