Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I don't wish to die doing these senseless stunts

Cliff Climbing - You got to be kidding;
I have got better place to sleep!
Sky walking in the Alps, NFW.
Climb Redwoods, NFW.
Sitting on the Trolltunga Rock, Norway.
Guess you have nothing better to do.
Jumping on the Trolltunga Rock, Norway. One wrong landing will see you daredevils bidding goodbye to dear Mother Earth.
Vertical rock climbing in South Africa.
Ice climbing a frozen waterfall.
They lost their senses enjoying themselves
in the extreme picnicking.
They're even boozing!
Extreme skiing, Wyoming. No way I would do that !
Sky walking on rope bridge, Mount Nimbus, Canada.
Could be an Indiana Jones movie scene.
Tree Camping in Germany. The scenery is fantastic,
but when the wind blows during the night........
Just having a look around. Are you kidding me? Of all the places!
Just tell me how'd you land yourself there?
Extreme kayaking at Victoria Fall.
Diving 30 meters through a rock monolith, Portugal.
Count yourself in luck if you don't land on
the rocky surface below.
Climbing Mt. Wellington, I have no such gut anyway!
Standing on the edge walk in Toronto,
I rather hang on to my hammock.
Cycling a mono-wheel in Norway. Not a chance!
Sitting on a edge around Yosemite. I doubt
 you could find yourself home.
Walking over a crevice, it all depends on the gap width!
A wrong footing will see one going down
an abyss with no chance of survival.
Glacier boarding, out of your mind!
 Find somewhere else appropriate!
Biking on the cliff, some silly stunts!
Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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