Monday, 14 July 2014

Squirrel and the taxi driver

A few Belarusian soldiers found a little unconscious young squirrel in the forest and took it to their headquarters and handed it over to warrant officer Peter Pankraty. Three months later Peter was discharged and began to work as a taxi driver. Since then wherever he goes, the squirrel is at his side. Take a look at these pictures, you'll discover the inseparable friendship blossomed between them.
Just like all infants, the adorable baby squirrel looks cutest when sleeping.
Here in this picture, it has lost consciousness.  It had worms in its mouth and needed to be fed every 4 hours. It was about to die but Peter spent great effort to nurse the little fellow back to good health despite his busy schedule in the army. Two years later they are inseparable with each other.

The little squirrel is named Minsk, after the Belarusian capital city.

Lying on a soft, comfortable cushion,
and with the engine burring,
it's easy to fall asleep.
Minsk belongs to the Red Eurasian squirrel species
commonly found in the Russian Continent.

It's constantly busy chewing and eating,
with nut husks strewing all over.
Fancy the huge-sized house cat could tolerate this varmint.
Fortunately they're not eating the same food.

Peter is so happy that he has such a lovely creature to be his pet.

One could see the strong bond they have
in each other's company.
This picture will touch many hearts: An American red squirrel with much shorter ears showing its maternal instinct to adopt an orphan baby squirrel. This is absolutely candid to show similar human-like behaviour in the animal world.

Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing.

Alan CY Kok

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