Saturday, 18 October 2014

Cars cars, millions of them - unsold!

The world's unsold car stockpile. Millions of brand new unsold cars are just sitting redundant on runways and car parks around the world. There they stay, slowly deteriorating without being maintained.

This is Houston. We have a problem here of finding adequate parking bays to accommodate these assembled cars; some of them have bee here for months.
An image of massive car park at Swindon, UK.
Some of the 57,000 cars (and growing) waiting to be
 delivered at Port of Baltimore, Maryland. USA.
This is an image of Nissan's test track. It is no more in use as a test track simply because there are too many unsold cars parked on it. The production line keeps on churning out cars but then acquiring land to park the new cars is a very expensive affair in Japan.
Thousands of unsold car sunbathing in Spain's gigantic car park.

It is real problematic if the assembly plants were to shut down as it enticed the laying off of thousands of employees. It would spark off recession too. The domino effects would be catastrophic as the steel mills would not be able to sell their steel products that were vital for the manufacturing. Production of thousands of component parts would also come to a halt, affecting the country's economy too.
Thousands of cars parked on a runway near St. Petersburg in Russia.
All imported from Europe, they have been left to rot.
 Consequently the airport is now unusable
for its original purpose.
Thousand of unsold cars parked on an unused runway at Upper Heyford Airbase near Bicester in Oxfordshire. There are seriously
running out of space to store these cars.
Seen here are thousands of Citroen cars parked at Corby in England.
They are being added daily, imported from France
but with nowhere else to go once they arrive.
All the colours of the rainbow; white, red, black, silver, purple, pink and blue coloured cars attracting potential buyers but sold at a very slow pace as most of the residents of advanced nations have already owned a car of two. Besides most of them rely on rail transport system of commuting.  
These cars mount in large number at the Port of Valencia, Spain. Unless there are substantial orders, otherwise they will never board the ships for overseas market.
It's a forlorn sight to see thousands of car rot under the scorching sun.
Some of them have been parked for 12 long months.
It is really a waste of resources, all kind of them.
Who knows? You may soon be getting a new car
for the purchase of a packet of cornflakes.
It's a dismal fact that the engine, its oil and lubricants, the tyres, the battery and the door and dashboard panels, the rubber linings of all doors, the air-bags and the lightings etc. need replacements just lying idle under the sun for 6 months. It will be cheaper to produce a new car.

Many thanks to CC Koh for sharing.

Alan CY Kok

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