Thursday, 2 October 2014

China's highly competitive University Entrance Examination

Of China's insanely stressful College/University Entrance Exam process.

Students taking an English exam in an exam hall at Dongguan University. English is one of the three main areas of testing, together with maths and Chinese.

Nearly 9.8million Chinese high school students took the National University Entrance Examinations ( Gaokao高考 ) on June 7th and 8th. The exams exert immense pressure on the students as they compete vigorously for a place in the prestigious university of their choice to pursue a desired course. The Gaokao has been linked to China's rising suicide rate because of mounting pressure and poor test results. An estimated 9.8million students fought intensely for 6.5million university vacancies throughout the country.
 The pictures (via Reuters) that follows are dazzling. Whilst the students toil and sweat in the exam hall, thousand of the family members waited patiently for the completion of their monumental task.
Art students draw sketches at Jianan, Shandong Province.
A mother waits outside the exam hall at Hefei, Anhui Province.
Dear son, don't let your family down. 
We count on you!  
Students taking bus to their exam centre in Liu'an, Anhui Province. Thousands of friends and family members crowded the street to show their support as they left for the exam.
 Teenager Zheng Dong studies in a Shanghai hotel room near the site of his exam. In Beijing, over 1,700 taxi provide free rides to students in town for their test.
 Invigilators monitor  examinees in Suining, Sichuang in case of any cheating. Some high schools place security cameras  in classrooms to monitor students during Gaokao.
A student takes a quick nap to rest his tired mind.
Some schools have been criticized for turning out 
"robots" who study 15 hours daily to face the Gaokao.
Students seen doing their self-studies at night at
their hostel at Hefei, Anhui Province.
Parents in Huaibei, Anhui Province wait for
their children to finish the exam.
Leading up to the exam, students and teachers take part in
 pressure-release activities, like this trust-fall.
Students walk by Confucius during a raining morning in Wuhan. In the weeks leading to the Gaokao, Many temples were filled with parents praying to Confucius, China's great legendary educator.
A security check in Shenyang, Liaoning Province.
Authorities vow to crack down on cheating
during he exams this year.
A hidden camera inside a pen (second from the left) and a receiver
 disguised as an eraser confiscated by the police.
Spectacles containing a hidden camera and a coin with a receiver.
A more sophisticated cheating contraption discovered
in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.
Confiscated cell phones and receivers. The ministry of education says students caught cheating would be stripped of enrolment qualification for 1-3 years.

Many thanks to CC Koh for sharing.

Alan CY Kok           

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