Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Kindness does not go unnoticed-these gentle people are so benevolent and dignified

This Egyptian girl spent her time teaching a street vendor's child how to read and write after exiting the subway everyday.
The kind-hearted college student became a human chair for an old lady when they were stuck in the elevator for hours.
This man knows what it takes to be a good neighbour
This loving man taught his girl friend alphabet again
since she lost her memory after suffering a stroke.
This man reads every day at lunch to his co-worker who cannot.
Good deed for Valentine Day
This man stopped running to catch his train in order
to help the old lady with her bags.
This dog lover used her loss to learn to be generous, to remind people to cherish every moment with their pets.
The elderly man grabbed a large table umbrella
to escort three ladies to their car in the pouring rain.
This kind lady bought two meals and shared her lunch with the street vendor. She talked to him in an act to include
him as an equal human being.
The policeman bought food for 20 persons after a
power outage shut down the town's Day centre.
The fire fighter risked his life to save
                              the woman's frightened cat.
The Spanish runner saw his opponent slowed down
as he thought he had crossed the finished line......
Instead of running past him to win, he guided him to pass the actual finished line. Since the black runner did not understand Spanish,
       he did not realise every one was  urging him to keep going.
This man helped a turtle to cross to
the other side of the road safely.
The brave policeman handcuffed himself to the suicidal woman and threw away the key, just to let her know she wouldn't go down
alone. The act convinced her to change her mind.
The crowd came together to help a boy crowdsurf in
his wheel chair at Melbourne's Loneway Festival.
Rugby player Brian O'Driscoll visited his number 1 fan in the hospital with the biggest trophy she'd ever seen. She was recovering from a kidney transplant and is now completely healthy again.
This man bravely marched into the ocean when
he spotted a beached baby dolphin.
.........and helped carrying it back to the sea.
The store owner share his resources after the
onslaught by Hurricane Sandy in New York.

The world class runner slowed down to help a handicapped
fellow runner to drink water. She sacrificed her potential
winning prize of $10,000 if she ever finished first.
The boy had just won a massive scavenger hunt
contest that took an entire summer's work.
He donated his big prize to his neighbour girl who was battling leukaemia. How much 'chemo' would $1,000 buy?
He asked his mother.
Theses Japanese commuters coming together to rescue
a woman who fell under the train. Not only they did save her,
the train was only delayed by 8 minutes to the next stop.
The motor-cyclist pulled over to help
an elderly man crossing the road.
This panhandler had a diamond engagement
ring accidently dropped in his cup.
He waited for her to come back so as to return to her.
Two of them then launched a campaign to raise enough
 money to help him get back on his feet.
Theses Turkish protesters stopped their activity to relieve a
strayed dog who was accidently tear-gassed.
This gentle marine found 4 abandoned baby rabbits; he took
care of them until they were ready to live in the wild.
This Arizona policeman bought shoes for a homeless man.
He gave the size 12 boots to the desolate man and expected
 nothing in return. His act of kindness was photographed
by Jennifer Foster, a tourist passing-by.
Honest Mike Downer found the lady's life saving of $5,000
in a discarded refrigerator and returned the entire
amount to her in person.

 Many thanks to Ronald Lim of LA for sharing.

Alan  CY  Kok

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