Saturday, 1 November 2014

Go shopping with wife....they say it's fun!

                Go shopping with your wife
                    to experience the fun
                      of being together!

This is just the beginning; an hour past,
you'll hope she emerges from
the exit door of the mall.
The face of fury........
After couple of hours of shopping and she's not done,
you can't resist the call for a nap!
I forget why am I here, but who cares?
Just sit down and relax like I am at home.
Endless wait.....for these patient men.
Taking her shopping; this is one regret
I have in my marriage life.
Who cares when will she come back, I just
steal an hour of napping time.
The guy next to me could even rest his legs!
Now hold this, Mike! what do you think of this dress, 
will I look good for the dinner tomorrow?
I'm hungry, thirsty and tired. Should have gone
 to Big Mac before coming here.
Now I can't even find her.
Sir, you look bored! Just go away, you busy body!
I'm baby sitting my daughter.
Anywhere will do, to be my temporary bed. Poor thing!
Make sure our boy won't slip down from your chest!
No, I'm not the clothing store delivery man. Why do you ask?
Nice to close your eyes for a quick nap,
knowing you've company to watch over you.
This is the time you go browsing your mobiles.
Yeah, I agree.
Oh my, real boring that I have learned to appreciate ladies' footwear.
Be careful John, if you tumble the icy drink of yours,
you may be asked to pay for the cleaning up.
Obviously you have no place to be at the
cosmetics and women's lingerie section. 
Misery acquaints strange bedfellows-no problem,
 just sleep. Our wives will find us in no time. 
Couldn't the mall arrange for more seats?
We've been standing  here for hours!
Heck man, this isn't your home!
Excuse me, is this man lying here on the
bed part of the offer-for sale?
Many thanks to Lim Yau Chuan for sharing.
Alan CY Kok

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