Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sleeping child is angelic even in animal kingdom (.....and some are not sleeping)

Ah, that's absolutely lovely - little bunny
 asleep in human palms.
This is so touching. A female squirrel adopted a baby left alone for one or two days in the nest at the adjacent tree.
 Though they don't interact with each other much,
but inquisitive squirrels will go and investigate
 if there're no activities for a short time
from its neighbours.
Hi, Good morning! Mother owl introduces
her nestling to the world of meadow.
It would be difficult to bring the baby
 bird back to the nest.
Miss Thumbelina remains sleeping while
 clutching a human thump. 
Myanmar children sleeps well alongside with their family pet-A large family male pig they breed for mating to earn a living.   
Are they brothers? Such sweet slumber
they have together in the afternoon!
Mom couldn't wake them up!
Misery acquaints strange bedfellow! 
Puppy half-sleeping in the warmth of
Mom's hold while chewing.........
It's a kitten there, isn't it?
Locked in tight embrace for these two playful kittens.
Snow white fawn - baby deer taking a rest with eyes opened.
Yeah, that's the way to do it in unison - stretch your
right front leg straight to that direction!
This is how racoon baby got its black eyed-patch.
A baby lamb-an ewe tries to be friendly with a cat.
Oh My! These baby tortoises will sure live up to more
 than 100 year-old in the safe sanctuary of the Zoo.
 But then the Zoo will be over-crowded.
A highland horse towering over the girl with a warm
 greeting with its snout in the snowing land.
Hey Master, can I have the milk now?
Scottish mini horse follows its mini master back to the stable.
A very charming Mandarin Duck awaits its mate.
A pair of very active ferret babies in the hands
 of their master find it hard to move
 their slender bodies.
Yes we're a pair;you've any objection my master?
Why are you leaning on me, Sir? 
I need a shoulder to cry on! 
Well, they say "let sleeping dog lie".
 So let it be.
You're puzzled? So does your puppy!
Tom cat looks very possessive over its territory.
They're so cherubic, cute and cuddly!
I too look cute and cuddly, says the American Pika.
Imitation is the best form of flattery-Try to smile 
like your Master lady and you look silly!
What the .........are they trying to show the poor doggie
 is religious, or is it too cold or what?
Let's kiss for the night.
Have sweet dreams,

Alan CY Kok

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