Tuesday, 30 December 2014

7 year- old boy begged his mother to let him die

Chen XiaoTien was diagnosed with a brain tumour, just months before his own mother discovered she had kidney disease. They would both need to struggle just to live a shadow of the life everyone else has. So Chen made a brave decision as he got worse. He told his mother just to let him die...... so she may live.
For years they both battled their conditions.

 Eventually Chen was blinded and basically
paralysed as a result of his tumour
Doctors knew he would die soon. They also knew he would be a match for his mother, who needed a kidney. Zhou Lou however, refused to take it.
Chen overheard her refusal and went to her,
urging his mother to take the kidney.
He wanted to save her life.
Zhou finally agreed, knowing a piece of her son would live in
her. He passed away on 2nd April and his kidney
was given to her mother.
The team of doctors observed a moment of silence in respect to brave boy Chen for his selfless sacrifice before proceeding to harvest his organs. There wasn't a dry eye in the operating theatre as they bade goodbye to heroic Chen XiaoTien, who was about to save the life of his mother, and two other recipients of his organs.
Before that doctors were unsure Zhou
could ever live a normal life.
Now thanks to her son, she will.
Story obtained from Daily Mail.
Chen's sacrifice and bravery are incredible.
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Alan CY Kok

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