Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Young Chinese train passengers give up seats to old lady in Wuhan

69 year-old granny Madam Du lived in HonShan District, Wuhan City, Hubei  Province, China. Each time she entered town by riding the city's busy and usually packed public transport of bus, commuter train, or MRT, she rarely could find an empty seat. But lo, no worry. Younger set of Wuhan citizens were well perceived as civil minded, polite and cultured people who readily gave up their seats for Madam Du. She felt very obliged and appreciated the kind gesture the passengers offered her. She fully understood that sometimes standing passengers would have to endure ordeal for half an hour for the ride to the city centre.  Madam Du was indebted to their kind deed that she felt she should do something to show her gratitude.

Half a year ago she brewed a fanciful thought that should there be anyone who gave up seat for her, she would used her mobile hand phone to take a picture of the kind doer, with his/her permission of course. So six months later she had taken 59 pictures of 59 faces and managed to retain 59 unforgettable memories of 59 times when seats were given up to her. She went further by publishing the pictures she took in the net through her social media of Weibo.
So today have you given up your seat to any deserving person?

Story shared through the net via WanYi Forum

Article Translated by
Alan CY Kok

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