Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Things you should have learned in school

How thing are done and worked
How the Big Bird suit worked
How ice cream cones are made
How a bean stalk grows
How Wi-Fi is distributed inside an apartment
How camouflage get on a helmet 
How Michael Jackson was able to defy gravity
How coins get sorted inside a machine
How the way the braces change your teeth
How a trumpet makes that beautiful music
The way pretzels are tied en masse
How peanut butter jars are filled full of creamy goodness
What actually happens when you put a key in a door
What it looks like when you swallow
How hay bales get wrapped
How paper clips turn into paper clips
How exactly all the stuff gets into a Pop-Tart
How water affects light
The life of a dandelion
How flight patterns change throughout the day
How terrifying is the human face is when
it's forming in the womb
........and What dogs do when they are drinking water
Many thanks to Ron Lim for sharing
Alan CY Kok

Monday, 2 March 2015

Portraits of pets taken by famous photographer Rob Bahou

Animals make good photography subjects if you can get them to sit still and smile. Famed photographer Rob Bahou has been taking beautiful close-ups of cats, dogs and horses. He mused: It's not that easy to work with animals especially when I want them to do the basic three things for a good picture: shut the mouth, sit still and look at the lens.
Rob's portrait for animals project began when a friend asked him if he could photograph her black cat. He accepted the challenge and though not all pictures turned up great, he found one photograph was particularly outstanding whereby the cat was staring at him. He saw a soul that he did not expect to see.
That photograph got his project started and he began to contact friends and asked if he could photograph their cats and dogs. Based out of Amsterdam and Amman, Rob is now looking for new subjects like photographing cheetahs, tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards etc. He adds, but domesticated animals are great too. Rob knows the fact that he is capturing animals in a way to surprise and intrigue people.

Scuba the cat is tough and independent. He was very patient with Rob and his lenses. And after twenty minutes, dozens of good pictures was taken, Rob chose this perfect shot.
Owen, the Siberian Husky with the heterochromic eyes.
Kareem, a serious two year-old Arabian horse.
Scott, a two year-old Husky ready for duty.
Myra, the West Highland Terrier with an attitude.
Maffalda, a Moroccan street dog that turned into a loving pet.
Lissie, a nervous 10 month-old Pug.
An adult Poodle - Jolly Jennifer
Hurko, a deaf Dalmatian who responds to sign language.
Trisha the stunning Diva
Tartufo, a shy black cat.
A Bernese Mountain puppy.
Avalon, the smart Swiss Shepherd.
Louai, is a rare blue-eyed Arabian horse.
Katsuo, aka the sensei. (Teacher)
Fluffy yawning. She was rather tired during
the photography session.
Nikky with the green eyes and the Mona Liza smile.
Duck tolling Retriever family is nearly all smiles.
This is Ilona, a very easy going girl.
Django the friendly cross-eyed Pitbull.
The pictures captured on lens are all highly commendable.
They successfully reflect the character and personality
of  each individual animal.
Reshareworthy Pictures
Photographer: Rob Bahou
Alan CY Kok