Friday, 29 May 2015

Scenes you will see only in Israel

More women flying F-16's in Israel than drive cars in Saudi Arabia.  
Hasidic family crossing sign
Soldiers who bring their kids to work...
Sudoku while swimming......
Israel is the only country where army reservists
are commanded by officers younger
 than their own children
Israel is one of few countries where the sun
sets into the Mediterranean Sea. 
The Kosher McDonalds
Atheists who believe in God
Wedding photos
Your date brings along her M-16
A Hasidic family dressed up like this ........
Supermodels who serve in the army...
No cars on the road for an entire 24 hours
This is very unusual even to the eyes of
the Western nations
Road signs you don't see in L.A.
Taxi Police car??
A modern day Hasidic Peter Pan
.....and Spiderman too.
Remarkable diversity
The reason 7-Elevens are never robbed in Israel 
Generations collide...
Israel is one nation that is constantly under intense threat of forceful attack by it Islamic neighbours. It is venerable due to its rather fragile, strategic location in the middle east, being surrounded by nations bearing animosity over centuries of rivalry, and the Mediterranean Sea. Many extreme Islamic and radical groups in world have vowed to destroy Israel by calling for Jihadist action against the small yet stoic country.  While Israel strives diligently in their sacred pursue of restoring their former glory known as Zionism, their arch enemies like Iran and the Palestine state have reiterated their open desire to annihilate the Jewish nation at all costs.
Not believing?
Now you see what's going on in far away England, the intimidating threats are always there and real, posing a disturbing situation to the otherwise peaceful ambience of Europe.

15th Century Persian painting of Houris (Heavenly Virgins) on camel back awaiting the martyrs who died for killing the infidels (Non-believers). Each of them would be entitled to own 72 of these celestial virgins as promised by their religious leaders.


Many thanks to CC Koh & KK Low for sharing

Alan CY Kok           

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Three orphaned animals rescued when they're young are now inseparable.

          This is Leo the African lion, Baloo the black bear,
                      and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger.

The threesome were rescued as babies from the basement of an Atlanta drug dealer during a raid by the authority.
They were starving, traumatized and had bacterial infections.
Since then, they were brought to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary....
.......where they stayed in the same
habitat together for 13 years.
The only time the three were separated was when Baloo was sent to surgery. (While at the drug dealer's home, Baloo had been mistreated so profoundly that the harness that
was put on him had grown into his skin. )
The two cats were distraught and cried for the bear's
return when he was at the vet's.  Since then
                        no one has separated the group.
They were clearly bonded during their earliest
memories and never wanted to be apart.
Now they live together as if they were
brothers of the same species.
This threesome is the only lion, tiger and
bear  living together in the world.
They're just that exceptional.
No one ever told them they couldn't love
one another, so they did just that.
They play together, nuzzle one other
and are extremely affectionate.
Humans could really learn from the
bond that these three have.
And now, even after so many years, they continue to do so.
The trio are affectionately referred as BLT, standing for Bear, Lion and Tiger. They might just be the most adorable sandwich ever!

Many thanks to Thomas Eapen for sharing.

Alan CY Kok