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Grand Chinese Banquet for APEC leaders and delegates 2014

The 22nd APEC Economic Leaders' Informal Meeting was held
 in Beijing on Nov.10th 2014 with VVIPs and their
spouses in the lists of the invitees.
 It was almost like preparation for an impending war! A high level of standard for the banquet was set unprecedentedly. The kitchen heads, the chefs, the F & B staff and their multitude of assistants were repeatedly inculcated that the banquet must be a success and no failure could be ensued and tolerated.
A bevy of charming beauties were selected to serve the
330 plus strong dignitaries. The job required them to be
                       impeccably perfect with no slip up allowed.
The official seat of the First Lady of China
Madam Peng LiYuan 
The official national banquet was held at the
Beijing National Aquatic Centre.
There were 10 dishes for every honourable guests-more than 330 of them. That meant there would be more than 3,000 dishes to be served with correct timing and intervals.
The Menu 
President Xi JinPing and his First Lady of China Madam Peng LiYuan welcome leaders and representatives of member  Economies attending the meet and their spouses by treating and
presenting them an official National Banquet.

China had been well-known for its reputation as a nation of cuisine expertise and hospitality. With only 6 head chefs and 60 over assistants in the kitchen, they had vowed not to let the
country down with their distinctively proven records of
excellent culinary skill and table service.

President Xi raised a toast to cheer, to welcome the
distinguished guests present at the banquet.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin cast a
lingering look at one pretty waitress.

The menu in Chinese language for this official national
 banquet to entertain APEC dignitaries. Needless to say
the National Banquet was an enormous success;
all VVIP guests gave their thumb-ups for
the host's  exuberant show of
 their hospitality.  
 Bon Appetite: Some of the delicious,
exotic dishes that followed......

Learn to pronounce these Chinese
words and you will be wiser!

Many thanks to CC Koh for sharing.
Alan  CY  Kok


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